Monday, October 30, 2006

Gonna Get Married...

We all met in Oddessa, New York for a little wedding in a little chapel. We raised the roof of the nearby Fontainebleau Inn, directly afterwards.

If you are wondering at the tiny chapel used for the ceremony, look here. My girls appreciate old buildings, which like fine wines, get better and more interesting as they age.

When properly maintained, I might add. This place cost $50.00 for 1/2 hour of heat! Note the open doors during the entire time...

Sorry about the lack of Bride processional pictures. The people stood and that was the end of my ability to take photos for a while.

And yes, there were further problems with the train, but we recovered quite nicely.

The Grands

My parents at left and RJ's parents at right. We were just getting settled, getting flowers, and getting antsy.
Thus begins the noisy period when everyone is being seated. Old chapel has rather uncomfortable pews.
Did they do that on purpose, back then?

Getting Settled, The Baker Boys et al

Everyone was just getting oriented. So no one's ready for picture, yet.

RJ's Brother and Sister in Law

Al and Betsy.
When the guys are being Stick-In-The-Muds, I can count on her. We did the "Bump" in the vestibule, later on.

Brother in Law and Sister

Pat and Pam.
Baby Sister and Boy Toy.
Seriously, my brother in law and sister.

Shutterbugs at High Noon

Deuling snapshots. From left: Steve, Matthew in back, Sharon with camera, Deb talking to Jim who's looking at me. My brothers and sisters in law.

Neighbors and Friends

Jamie, Pete, Jim and Kim
Not sure of the two at right, just yet.

More Friends of the Party

You may remember the big fellow from RiverFest2005, when he was running for city councilman. Brent.

The other two young men are housemates, all friends of ours, as are the ladies. The two middle girls are with the groomsmen and the one right up front is a good friend from the South. My Meredith.

She's like a daughter to me, and we barely had time to hug. Couple in the row with the guys are our neighbors from across the street, parents of an attendant.

Early photo of the Groom's Side

I want to make it clear. This side was full when the ceremony started. We already met a lot of these people, and the rest become friends over the night. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other.

Lovely Lynzie

Our minister.
MammaDog's close friend and a rock during this stressful time.

West Elmira Mafia

Looking dangerous in their black tuxedos, are all the young men we have known for so long, now. That's my soon to be son-in-law, giving me the fish-eye.

And here comes our baby girl...

VeggieGirl is a vision in Cinnamon. We all were in awe. Now that the ceremony is over. I can look and let my self tear up.
She is just beautiful.

Little Girl Across the Street

Pretty red dress for the little girl who lived across the street from us all these years. The young mad just behind my mother used to tease her when he came to visit. When she was little, she had a crush on him. I wonder if she still does?

Tearful Dad

Look at the gentleman scowling just under the bouquet.
He's not scowling: he's not that sort.
He's crying. Didn't know he was that sort, either.

A Lot of Fussing

This was a little worrisome. The train was very lightweight and did cause some problems. But we all survived. After the chapel service, it was gathered up into a hook at the back and out of the way.

More Arranging

Proud Husband RJ with MammaDog

All that worrying for nothing. Dad managed nicely and the BrideDaughter was safely delivered.

Lynzie Did a Lovely Job

The minister handled the ceremony well.

Short and sweet and let's get married.

Worked for us.

First Married Kiss

If you've been to the Little Pond or the MS Companion, you've seen this one. But it's here for those who haven't.


And that was the sort of thing MammaDog worried about. She doesn't look too bad right now.

Guess she got over it.


We watched them leave. Only the very last rows remembered that we should all be standing. I may have confused everyone because I remained standing during the entire ceremony, to take photos and fix things for the official photographer.

Very good omen.

We walked to the reception area along the rural highway. I felt bad for the local motorists, but it was sunny and breezy.

Soon we were walking in a sunshower, and up ahead was a bright rainbow. We watched it for a few minutes before it dawned on me that it would make a good picture.

So naturally, the sun went in.

Everyone promises me that they can see the rainbow. I don't.

So Let's Partayy!

Instead of a receiving line, we were introduced as we entered the reception. Everyone was hungry and ready to party.

My father-in-law takes VeggieGirl's picture. Note how it is still daylight outside. We'd soon fix that.